Staff and Experts

TAAN Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Ram Chandra Sedai

Senior Manager
Senior Manager

Madhuja Acharya

Account Officer
Account Officer

Sarita Simkhada

 Planning & HR Officer
Planning & HR Officer

Ina Shrestha

Admin Officer
Admin Officer

Ambika Adhikari

Logistic Officer
Logistic Officer

Raju Chitrakar


Tek Bahadur Lama

House Keeping
House Keeping

Laxmi Bhattarai

TIMS Staff

TIMS Assistant Officer/ Cashier
TIMS Assistant Officer/ Cashier

Tilak Bhattrai

TIMS Assistant Officer
TIMS Assistant Officer

Ramita Thapa Magar

TIMS Assistant Officer
TIMS Assistant Officer

Juna Dharel


Ramesh Koirala

TAAN HR Profile


Name of employee



Areas of Expertise


Ram Chandra Sedai

  • Masters in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies (Completed)
  • Masters in Tourism Studies (MTS),
  • BSc Forestry
  • BBA

Chief Executive Officer

  • 20 plus years of tourism sector experience
  • Execution of community based pro-poor rural tourism project execution
  • Buddhist heritage based tourism
  • Tourism MSMEs creation & promotion
  • Protected area & ecotourism.
  • Tourism policy and strategic planning
  • Private sector engagement
  • Community mobilization & capacity building
  • Trail based tourism product development, packaging and promotion
    • Tamang Heritage Trail, Rasuwa (2002-07).
    • Numbur Cheese Circuit, Dolakha & Ramechhap 2009.
    • Indigenous Peoples Trail, Dolakha & Ramechhap 2009.
    • Red Panda Eco-Trail (Taplejung)-2010.
    • Ecological Trail, Phongna Ke Bang, Vietnam (2011)
    • Greater Lumbini Buddhist Circuit, Lumbini-2014-17.
    • Buddhist Circuit of Nepal (BCN)-2019.
    • Ajirkot-Buddha Himal Eco-trail, Gorkha
    • Great Himalaya Trail (STAPs preparation-2012).
    • Food, Textile and Tea Garden Trail in Komalgunj, Bangladesh (2011).
  • Tourism and climate change


Madhuja Acharya

  • MBA
  • Masters in Buddhism

Senior Manager

  • TAAN Secretariat management,
  • Internal administration management
  • Stakeholders engagement,
  • Project planning, monitoring & reporting.
  • Private sector engagement
  • Trade union affairs management
  • PR/Publicity
  • TIMS management.



Sarita Simkhada

  • MBS

Account Officer

  • Accounting & financial management,
  • Project finance management
  • Procurement and Inventory management
  • Internal and final audits.
  • Annual/monthly budgeting, expenditure and report preparation
  • Social security fund.


Ina Shrestha

  • Bachelors in Business Studies (BBS)

Planning and HR Officer

  • Members and sector database management.
  • TAAN website and social media handling.
  • Project activity planning.
  • Human resource strengthening programs.
  • Project field works
  • Documentation and information dissemination


Raju Chitrakar

  • SLC Passed
  • Experienced based promotion

Logistic Officer

  • Meeting management
  • Inventory and Store Keeping
  • Logistic management (field work, rescue etc.)
  • Membership renewal
  • Cash collection, letter submission.
  • Filing and store clearing.
  • Library and resource center



Ambica Adhikari

Intermediate passed, Bachelors running

Admin Officer

  • Administration

  • Communication/correspondence

  • Public Relation

  • TAAN membership registration &
  • Trekking Trail and Mountain Tourism
    Destination Information
  • Information on various permits



Laxmi Bhattarai

8 passed


  • House keeping
  • Kitchen
  • Garden


Tek Bahadur Tamang


Office Assistant

  • Office security and safety



TAAN Expert Consultants (Need/Project based)


Name of Expert/Consultant


Expert Position

Areas of Expertise


Roshan Sherchan PhD.

  • PhD Biodiversity
  •  MSc. Resource Management
  • BSc. Forestry

Biodiversity/Environment Expert

  • Natural resource management
  • Ethnic peoples and livelihoods
  • Community based conservation
  • Landscape level conservation
  • Conservation and eco-tourism.
  • Environment management.


Yuba Raj Lama

  • Masters in Humanities and Social Sciences (Anthropology)


Culture/Heritage Expert

  • Mountain culture and livelihoods
  • Buddhist heritages
  • Mountain tourism
  • Mountain geography and climate change.
  • Culture/tourism planning and feasibility study.
  • Content writing


Bachchu Shrestha

  • PhD Scholar
  • MPA,
  • B. Com

Tourism Institutional and Policy Expert

  • Responsible mountain tourism
  • Private sector engagement
  • Mountain tourism policy and institutions
  • Tourism planning
  • Tourism associations


Ms. Yasoda Basnet

  • MA (Political Science),
  • MA (Conflict, Peace and Development Studies)
  • Masters in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies.

Gender and Inclusive Development Specialist

  • Conflict and development studies.
  • Women empowerment.
  • Mountain culture and Buddhist heritages
  • Yoga, meditation and retreat
  • Inclusive tourism growth


Er. Krishna Gautam

  • Masters in Transportation Engineering (2020).
  • Bachelors of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineer/Trail Planner

  • Trail alignment and development
  • Road alignment and development
  • GPS/GIS based trail planning.
  • Trail based infrastructures (Trail, resting places, signage, sanitation/toilets, drinking water,
  • Visitor information centers.
  • Waste management
  • Vernacular architecture design.


Sunil Koirala

  • Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Masters in Rural Development

Media/Executive Producer

  • Documentary/Radio PSA
  • Print media
  • TV Presenter
  • News editing
  • Script writing
  •  Research


Manoj M. Manandhar

BBA with webpage/graphic design training

Graphic Designer

  • More than 8 years of experience in graphic design, photo-shop etc.