Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) Holds 45th Annual General Meeting

The recent 45th Annual General Meeting of the Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) saw significant deliberations and discussions on the future of Nepal's tourism sector. President Nilhari Bastola addressed the gathering, underscoring the pressing need to explore new routes due to congestion on existing pathways. He urged local authorities to collaborate in identifying fresh destinations by addressing the issue of congested roads through the construction of new routes.

Bastola emphasized the imperative of not just proclaiming the Tourism Decade but also devising and executing actionable plans to ensure its success. He called for enhanced cooperation between the Nepal Tourism Board and TAAN to effectively implement their joint initiatives. Additionally, he highlighted the potential for revenue generation for all levels of government within the realm of mountain tourism, emphasizing the creation of employment opportunities for the nation's youth.

In his remarks, Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Sudhan Kirati shed light on the need for a stronger aviation foundation for tourism due to the scarcity of adequate aircraft in Nepal. Kirati stressed the urgency of acquiring at least 10 more planes in both domestic and international markets for Nepal Airlines Corporation to bolster its operational capabilities.

Kirati reiterated the pivotal role of robust aircraft in fostering tourism growth and suggested that the addition of more planes within a span of five to seven months could significantly bolster the tourism sector. However, he also highlighted unnecessary criticism surrounding the aircraft procurement, noting its detrimental impact on the sector.

The inauguration of TAAN's 45th Annual General Meeting witnessed the presence of distinguished figures from the Nepal Government, including Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Sudhan Kirati, Minister of State Sushila Sirpali Thakuri, along with eminent personalities from various associated bodies and representatives from diverse sectors.