TAAN set up a food bank to help tourism workers

KATHMANDU, May 25: The Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) has set up a food bank to facilitate the daily life of  Mountain tourism workers.

TAAN, has started a food bank to help workers in distress due to the Corona  pandemic.

A seven-member sub-committee has been formed under the coordination of Mr. Cholendra Bahadur Karki, First Vice-President of TAAN, to move the Food Bank forward effectively.

Sarita Lama, general secretary of TAAN, informed that the necessary materials will be provided to each of the workers of about 2,000 trekking companies in a package.

"The food bank has been started keeping in mind the poor condition of the workers working here as Corona has adversely affected the tourism sector," she said.

Cholendra Bahadur Karki, first vice-president of TAAN, said that there is a plan to hand over food items and much-needed items on the recommendation of the company. Karki also said that work is underway to collect donations.

In the midst of the  pandemic, many tourism entrepreneurs friends have extended a helping hand, saying that victory should be achieved from Corona through the handshake of all.

President of TAAN, Khum Bahadur Subedi, urged all to help at this time and to ease the daily life of the troubled workers and prevent them from fleeing at the same time.

"It is impossible to do it alone, but if we do it together, success is in our hands, so with everyone's involvement, Tan has extended a helping hand through the Food Bank," said President Subedi.

Those who want to help can contact the members of the sub-committee of TAAN Food Bank Management.

Mr. Cholendra Bahadur Karki             Coordinator                                           9851031957

Mr. Damodar Dhakal                            Co-Coordinator                                     9851019102

Ms. Ngima Dikee Sherpa                         Member                                              9851230962

Mr. Kancha Sherpa                                  Member                                              9851114058

Mr. Sanam Sherpa                                   Member                                              9851052098

Mr. Govinda Prasad Panta                      Member                                              9851077190

Mr. Sushil Raj Poudel                              Member                                              9856031823

Name of A / c: - Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN)

Number of A / c: -015900000109524

Name of Bank: - Bank of Kathmandu