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At Nepal Alternative Treks, we design and operate various trips across Nepal and Bhutan. Our trips speak volumes upon the mesmerizing beauties and heritages spread across these Himalayan nations. We have an astounding team of staff dedicated to the safety, security, and satisfaction of our clients on the journeys that reveal the mysteries of nature and culture.

As evident by the two main countries that our trips are based on, we are an expert on Himalayan journeys. We carry out escapades that revolve around the snowy mountains and their foothills. Trekking, Hiking, Peak Climbing, Expeditions, Jungle Safaris, and Adventure Sports are a few of the trip options available at Nepal Alternative Treks. It goes without saying that all these trips have been meticulously crafted to suit the needs of a wide range of travelers without compromising the standard of the trip as a whole.

Additionally, we also offer the option to tailor the itineraries of the trips and carry out family-friendly trips. Likewise, we are open to any suggestion that improves the quality of experience one can have while traveling around Nepal and Bhutan.

Join us as we celebrate the beauty of nature as it mingles with the delightful array of the culture here in Nepal!

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Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is recognized as one of the best places to trek. Thanks to its unparalleled natural beauty and many other reasons, it has earned the title as the “trekker’s paradise.” Trekking in Nepal gives a wholesome experience of the natural and cultural beauty.

The Himalayas pose as the crown jewel of Nepal. These snow-clad peaks are also the major reason trekkers from all over the world visit Nepal. The family of mountains in the north consists of some of the world’s tallest mountains, including the tallest itself. But trekking is not just about these mountains. Nestled on their icy laps, the rugged geography consists of lush forests, hills, valley, lakes, and rivers. Traversing across trails here gets you intimately close to nature.

The ultimate reward for trekking in Nepal is the experience one can get. From breathtaking views of the mountains and landscapes to getting acquainted with local culture, trekking here contributes to the growth of one’s mind. Indeed, the mountains play a considerable role. Some of the famous treks in Nepal are Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Base Camp Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, etc. These journeys take you through lush green forests that are inhabited by numerous species of plants and animals, valleys, and villages that home diverse communities and various majestic landscapes.

Treks in Nepal can be distinguished in terms of duration, mode of accommodation, and difficulty among various other factors. Short and easy treks can usually be completed in a lesser number of days, and the harder the treks are, the longer they take to complete. Also, based on the mode of accommodation, the treks can be separated as teahouse treks and camping treks. In teahouse treks, trekkers rest at local teahouses and enjoy the local culture along with the basic needs while trekking. Likewise, in camping treks, trekkers have to sleep in tented camps and do the basics like cooking and setting camps themselves.

Similarly, trekking in the Himalayas can be difficult. Thus, about the difficulty of the trek, it is suitable accordingly for those who have appropriate experience and ability. However, as there are numerous treks, all types of trekkers from first-timers to mountain climbers can find the journey they seek here.

The best time to go trekking in Nepal is during the spring (February to May) and autumn (August to December) seasons. These seasons provide warm temperatures and clear weather. Likewise, treks to the rain shadows of Dhaulagiri Himalayas in Upper Dolpo and Mustang can be done even during the summer/monsoon. Similarly, short and easy treks can be completed during the winter season as well.

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