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The company ‘Earth’s Paradise Treks & Expeditions’ is established and operated by energetic mountain guides in 2003AD while they were working in a geoscience research project conducted by University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) in collaboration with the government of Nepal under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM). In spite of its establishment in 2003, its owners and staff have been working in tourism and logistical field since 1998. 

-Following concerned policies, regulations and ethical responsible tourism conducts, the company has been organizing the trips throughout Nepal from flatland terai to the Greater Himalaya, Trans-Himalaya and across the tallest mountain range on earth.

-The company has unique trips, especially focused in traditional villages, tribal and nomad communities, isolated glacial hidden valleys, 6th century BC ruined monuments and beautiful unexplored virgin lands where we can experience real Nepali way of living, ancient civilization and unique nature. It also organizes regular trips on popular touristic destinations as well. In collaboration with globally reputed tour companies, it has been organizing special classic trips to tribal communities and remote areas rarely visited by outsiders. It has also been organizing some National Geographic expeditions trips in the special area of Nepal. If you do not find any right trips you want, please ask us to make your mission successful.

-The company's specialty is on research based scientific excursions, culture history expeditions, projects and photography/filming that need complete logistical support. The company has been organizing such trips in the entire Nepal Himalaya region. We have been serving scientists from dozens of US, European and Asian geoscience universities and institutions for decades.  

-The company always provides standard service to its clients and never compromises in service quality. It has professional and responsible staff. The company always encourages ethical, professional and legal activities.

Our products; Trekking and classic tours

From beautiful Gangetic flood plain terai to remote landscape rugged snow-capped peaks, the Himalayan kingdom has an endless scenery, biodiversity, traditional villages, ancient cities, 13th century civilization, classical culture, fun & adventure.  We offer a variety of organized mountain treks, traditional village tours, tribal culture & nomad excursions, wildlife safari, adventure vehicle tours from plain land terai to the Trans-Himalaya, thrilling heli-treks, adventure games and white water voyage etc. The traditional trip seasons in Nepal are spring and fall, fantastic trip is actually available throughout the year. Along with the regular trip seasons, we encourage our guests for unique culture trips, research-based excursions and tailored trips during summer (July-August) and winter season (mid December to January) as well.

All our trek and tour packages are the blend of wonderful nature scenery, wildlife, artistic interesting ancient monuments, traditional villages, unique tribal culture and typical lifestyle of inhabitants in which you will have lifetime experience on unique nature and classic culture. Nepal is the living museum of dozens of tribes and wonderful landscape where you will have great opportunity of photography, filming and experiencing and studying the mother nature and Nepali way of living! We provide complete logistical support to all sort of research expeditions and project works as per the agreement. If you do not see right thing, please ask us! We can arrange the trip you want. Here we are to make your dream successful, pleasant, productive and memorable.

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