Nepal for all seasons

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Trekking Team Group Pvt. Ltd

Organization Name: Trekking Team Group Pvt. Ltd
Reg. No: 59709/065/066
Address: Chaksibarimarg, Thamel, Kathmandu
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Telephone number: +977-1-5905506
Mobile number: 9851075681
Fax: 4269836
P.O. Box No: 11731
Key person: Shreehari Thapaliya
Designation: Managing Director

Short profile

"A travelife & FTA Certified & Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence Winner Adventure Travel company with over 25 years in operating trip in the himalayas including Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India. Who cares an environment, promotes social responsibility and green Tourism. It is an advocate and follower of the five principles of IPPG.

The Company has schedules for more than 100 departures in 4 Himalayan countries. It responds to the needs of people with variable budgets for their tours and treks. Fixed Scheduled Departures or Tailor Made trips covering Safari in the lowlands of the Terai to the High Peaks of the Khumbu including Everest. The Company has proficient guides speaking most foreign languages. It is our pleasure to show visitors the beauty of the Himalayas and making the connection with local people and their distinctive culture. Every effort is made to assist the generation of income for local communities, whilst making a trip that increases social awareness and makes little or no negative impact on the environment. Take only Photographs and Memories and leave only the Foot print "