Nepal for all seasons

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Adventure All Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd

Organization Name: Adventure All Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd
Reg. No: 107729/069/070
Vat No: 600905206
Address: Thamel-29, Kathmandu, Nepal
Country: Nepal
Website URL:
Telephone number: 977-01-4420027
Mobile number: 9851061056
Fax: 977-01-4420027
P.O. Box No: 21460
Key person: Sunil Silwal
Designation: Managing Director
Establishment date: 2069-12-13
Shareholders: Sunil Silwal

Short profile

Adventure All Nepal Treks (ANT)- is a Five Years Running And Nepal government recorded company with More than decade of experienced Administration team members,Guides and Porters. We have different member with different mind to fulfill your adventure all Nepal and beyond activities. Our main target is to accomplish hassle free adventure dream of our valuable clients to discover the magnificent ,magical and mysterious of Natural heritage of Nepal. Adventure All Nepal Treks Pvt.Ltd was formed in 2012 with the greatest mission.Our Nepal Government Registration No is 107729 / 069 / 070 & we have been provided the Tourism License No 1533 / 069 by the authority of Nepal Tourism Board. The agency, in the name of Adventure All Nepal Treks Pvt.Ltd. will be always trying our best for the genuine service of our guests. ANT is a dedicated Trekking, Tours and adventure Travel Agency in Kathmandu, specialized in all Nepal Trekking, Tours and adventure Expedition. The company operated by 15 years experienced Nepalese Trekking Guide. It includes all kinds of touring items in Nepal with lots of adventures. As it is now grown up, it has also added Bhutan, Tibet & India as its more & worthy destinations operated from the country. If you are planning to visit Nepal, let us give a moment to serve. At that moment you will feel why the agency has begun. Adventure All Nepal Treks Pvt.Ltd. shows you the path to meet your chosen destinations. The requirement of experienced travel agents is increasing as more people travel for business and pleasure these days. In the swarm of Travel and trekking Agencies in Nepal Adventure All Nepal Treks Pvt.Ltd has approached with an outstanding service motive. Reasonable service charges, friendly co-operation, genuine guidance and the satisfaction of the guests are the prime motives of the agency. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. So, let’s join your trip with Adventure All Nepal for the excessive value and the memory of your inbound and outbound Trekking ,Tours, Adventure Expedition, Peak Climbing and Adventure sports. We ensure your travel with passion and make certain to internal transformation. We feel you by heart.